About the venue

The Teaching Lab is also known as the Teacher’s lounge of the TU Delft. It is set up as a  knowledge exchange and community building by organizing events and setting up projects to accelerate initiatives and strengthen collaboration throughout the TU Delft teaching community.

Travel to Delft

The Netherlands is easily accessible by airplane from all parts of the world. Amsterdam Schiphol International (AMS) Airport is one of the central hubs for intercontinental as well as for European flights. The Rotterdam-The Hague (RTM) Airport is only 15 minutes (12 kilometers) from the center of Delft by taxi. This airport primarily serves European destinations.

The Netherlands is also easily reachable from most of Europe via high-speed trains, e.g. Thalys from Paris via Belgium or ICE from Germany.

From Amsterdam Airport by train
Arriving at Amsterdam Airport, the Schiphol train station is located directly below the airport. After collecting your luggage, it only takes a couple of minutes to walk from the arrival halls to Schiphol Plaza. From there, the escalators and lifts descend to the platform.  Direct trains to Delft leave every 30 minutes from platforms 5 and 6. The journey by train will take approximately 39 minutes. A one-way ticket will cost € 11,00.

From Amsterdam Airport by taxi or rental car
A taxi from Schiphol to Delft will cost anywhere between € 79 and € 95 (prices vary, and these are approximate prices).  Rental cars are also available.  Visit the Schiphol website for more information.

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport by bus and train
Arriving at Rotterdam The Hague Airport there is no direct public transport to Delft. First take bus #33 (direction Rotterdam Centraal, 20-25 minutes) to go to Rotterdam’s central station. A one-way journey will cost € 1,70 for the bus (full fare). The buses stop right next to the departures hall.

Rotterdam central station has fast and regular railway connections to the city of Delft; almost every ten minutes trains to Delft leave from platforms 8 or 9. A one-way journey will cost € 3,20 (full fare, 2nd class) or € 5,40 (full fare, 1st class) for the train.

The total journey from the airport to Delft station will take approximately 40-50 minutes.

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport by taxi
You can take a taxi to get to Delft. The taxi stand is located directly in front of the entrance/exit of the airport terminal. The fare to Delft (about 12 kilometers) will take 15-20 minutes (longer during rush hour traffic) and will cost approximately € 33.

For more Information on Delft, click here.

Local Transportation Within Delft
Delft is a walking city so there is very little need or opportunity for a car.  In fact, Delft city centre is a restricted area for cars. This means visitors cannot drive or park in the restricted zone. The streets in Delft are very narrow and many are blocked for pedestrians only.  Bicycles and pedestrian traffic are the two primary methods of transportation. If you do rent a car, check with your hotel as many hotels do not offer parking.

For traveling on local public transportation (bus), you need an OV chipkaart. You can get a disposable card, valid for a short period of time, at the desk at Schiphol Airport and in various locations around Delft. If you plan to use public transportation throughout your stay in the Netherlands, you should consider getting an OV chipkaart.

List of nice hotels in Delft

Hotel Casa Julia
Maerten Trompstraat 33
2628 RC Delft
+31 (0)15 256 7612

5 minute walk from the Teaching Lab.     

Hotel De Plataan Delft Centrum
Doelenplein 10
2611 BP Delft
Tel: +31 (0)15 212 60 46

On a beautiful square at the centre of Delft.
20-25 minute walk to the Teaching Lab.  

The Student Hotel
Van Leeuwenhoekpark 1 
2611 DW Delft
Tel +31 1 52 00 1323

Very near campus TUD, 5 minute walk to the Teaching Lab.    

Hampshire Hotel
Koepoortplaats 3
2612 RR Delft
Tel: +31 15-36 437 87


Next to City Centre, 25 – 30 minute walk to Teaching Lab.     

Hotel Johannes Vermeer
Molslaan 18
2611 RM Dekft
Tel. +31 15 2126466


Situated on one of Delft’s canals. 15 minute walk to the Teaching Lab.